About us

We like good food

About us

La Sobremesa was created by Cris Caballero after more than 6 years working in the digital and design world. She decided to put her services together with her favourite hobbie: gastronomy. That's how La Sobremesa was born in 2019. A multidisciplinary studio where eating, design, photography and communication meet. in 2020 we booked a table for two with Isabel joining the team. As salt and pepper, they complement each other perfectly. Friends since they were 3, they share their love for cheese and pasta.

Cris Caballero

Cris is the heart of the studio, the one who calls to book a table and make sure everything is going well. Graphic designer and photographer, she's a natural communicator. For dessert: always an ice cream. Her favourire Sobremesas start with a coffee and friends and finish dancing when the sun goes down.

Isabel Moros

Before she became a part of the studio, her favourite Sobremesas where those whit a coffee and a card game with granny. Translator and communicator, photography lover, she asks for the bill in Spanish, English and French.

Why La Sobremesa?

La Sobremesa is the time we spend at the table after we've finished eating.We love its social and Mediterranean character. While digesting food, we avoid physical efforts, letting coffee and liquor come together with relaxed chatting. La Sobremesa is our favourite time.